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To ensure maximum security, SambaAccess includes the following technological security features:
  • Strong encryption: SambaAccess uses a state-of-art 128-bit encryption technology to scramble data exchanged between the system and SambaAccess users.
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and secured servers.
  • Use of DES Gold cards to generate dynamic password. A password is only valid for one session. Every login to SambaAccess requires a new password for more security.
  • Usernames and passwords: Every user of SambaAccess is assigned a unique username and a private PIN  for authentication
In addition, procedural controls further protect the customers accounts and transactions. These controls include:
  • Use of customer and user profiles: Each SambaAccess customer and user are profiled by the bank at the customer request. The profile defines what functions the user may access, what accounts the user may use, etc.
  • Use of authorization combinations: SambaAccess requires that all transactions should be created by one user and verified/approved by one or two different verifiers. This safeguards accounts against any errors in the transactions.
  • Function Access times: Users are allowed to access SambaAccess functions during preset working hours as defined by the customer.
  • Recording of all activity of users and customers (Audit Trail): SambaAccess tracks all the users actions and activities for each session. It provides the capability to report on those activities, so that authorized users can view user activity.
  • Customer product limits: Each user is assigned a limit for each product, such as account-to-account transfers. Users would not be allowed to exceed their preset transfer amount.
  • Predefined beneficiaries: SambaAccess can be defined to restrict transfers to certain beneficiaries only.
  • Idle time limits: As a security measure, SambaAccess will terminate the session of any user who remains idle for fifteen (15) minutes. This prevents unauthorized access to unattended terminals.

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